Jonaskick Update

Thursday October 16th 2014

Hi friends getting excited about tonight’s studio session. Once again Steve will be at the mic! Between Chris, Steve and myself we have been finding Choice guitar sounds for the Jonaskick CD. Jonaskick is now contemplating bringing on a rhythm guitar player to support the band.
The band has come up with a few people that might fit this bill so we might have an announcement to make soon.

Once again Jonaskick is preparing for its annual hall party. This party will mark the second year since the bands revival.

Steve’s guitar sounds so far have brought back his love for the sound of Randy Rhodes! While sitting in the studio Chris and I have looked each other with cheshire grins as Steve executes his parts. It has long been a dream of mine to have a rhythm guitar player support Steve allowing him to express his leads with no holds barred.

With my experience of getting to work with Brent Doerner of the Canadian rock legends Helix I developed A true love for the sound of rich electric guitar.
I believe this recording is now three quarters complete and I’m looking forward to it’s mix down. This should allow Jonaskick time to get out and do what it really loves to do PLAY!

Saturday July 26th 2014

Jonaskick Update

Saturday July 26th 2014

Hi folks
Here I am falling behind on my blog again. Things are sounding fantastic. I’m almost finished the second pass of lyrics in the studio. Ed and I went over the lyrics together A while back so that I could express the true meaning of his lyrics. This gave me the ability to add character to his songs. I feel now that I have captured these characters and inflections.

Chris and I worked together with no distractions in order to truly concentrate on each song. With the guidance of Chris at the helm and a good understanding of my job as the vocalist for Jonaskick. I can say for the first time I am truly happy with the performance I have recorded. As far as I’m concerned this is the best performance I have put on tape in my 30 years as a vocalist.

I am now considering the project to be at three quarters complete. There is no reason to race as it has taken us over 20 years to get to this place. The separation that this band experienced I feel gave each and every member growth well needed in order to make this project richer.

We are looking for some ideas to start promoting this new work of arts. If any of you listeners and friends have any ideas of what you would like to see from us in the future we would love you to leave comments here on the page. If you’re reading this on Facebook or twitter come visit us at Jonaskick would like to thank Alex for his two latest photos. Thanks Alex!

It’s time for us to start A campaign in order to get this project to fly. Hope to hear from you and we would also like to see you as we are preparing to do some live venues in the near future.

Cheers for now Hills

The Jam

This weekends Jam was a blast. It was so good to hear Louie play the four strings again. I think there will be plenty of jams to come with Louie. The jams were recorded on video check out my new link Live jams. I plan to post lots more in the future.

It is cool to create on the spot. I have found it is really hard to find musicians with this skill!

Thanks guys for a great day!

Back in the groove

March 15 2014

Today we get back into our jam days. Steve Dan and todays guest Louie Pfeifer and I will get together to do one of our groove therapy sessions. It’s been a while so I think it should be a complete blast. I haven’t jammed with Louie for a long time. I am going with a couple of video cameras hopefully there will be something worth posting.

Jonaskick is in the studio still and the tracks are sounding fantastic. Steve and Chris have been working on guitar sounds. Steve and I left our last session feeling like we were on a super high. The tracks were sounding stellar. It truly is a new era with recording at our fingertips and musicians so redly available to play.

Cheers Hills

December 2012

An interesting month

Set John up with a small studio. Jammed with the members of Jigsaw for the first time in 20 years!

STAL: The song Atlantis is taking us through quite a learning curve. Now that John has the tools I think the unit will have a better large studio experience. Dan has put together a beat perfect drum track to set the roots for the song Atlantis. Steve has put together some tasty guitar parts and I am itching to put vocal tracks down.

Jigsaw: There is a buzz going round that Ed has put together some new songs and that for the first time we may record a CD. Our reunion was a lot of fun! It was cool walking in to the old band hall atmosphere. Only time will tell where things may go.

The Acoustic Show: Steve and I are still chugging along and getting close to a show of Banjo and acoustic covers. This process is increasing my abilities on the guitar. I am developing a taste for Blue grass melodies.

Friends sent birthday wishes and Nov and Dec have been good months. Interests are being expressed by some new blues musicians to create some new blues music.

Thanks for keeping in touch I will post again soon.

Till then have a great holiday season. Cheers Hills

Recording again Nov 3rd 2012

STAL has been in the Studio and the tracks are sounding good. I am looking forward to the release of this project. The journey will be a labor of love! The unit has finally decided to hunker down and get serious about recording. This group of musicians have many talents.

Chick and I have had drum tracks recorded by Dan Zalac this month and the songs are coming too life.

Still The Jamblasters are on the back burner for a while.

I am currently working on a new video for Alwaki Lodge. My good friend and STAL band member Steve Ofner helped me arrange and record the soundtrack for this new video.

Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for stopping by. Below is a picture of John recording Atlantis

John Boatman

Sept 3rd 2012

Hi Folks

Been working on some more original songs these last few weeks. Steve and I are writing  as well as Sir Talks a Lot. Chick has informed me that new songs are on the horizon as well. A lot of local bands have been putting out original music these past few months. It’s cool to see people getting serious about writing in our area. Cover bands are going strong but lets face it a good cover is to learn and an original is to gain the ability to be recognized for your art. Kitchener has some really cool talent. Here is an off the floor jam of Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll. The guitar player and bass player are a secret!

Dan and Hills Rock and Role

New Project’s and Old

I am working on a new project with guitarist Chick! We are three songs in on our first CD after the separation from Brent Doerner’s Decibel. We are currently focussed on melody and lyrics and when all is ready we will have some of our favorite musicians come on board for the development of this project. I will keep you posted as to the progress of this project.

April 29, 2012, I will be doing a show at the Huether’s Jazz Room. I will have the pleasure of working with my good friends and band mates John Boatman,Steve Ofner and Dan Zalac. We are working on the development of yet another recording project. For the purpose of this show we called the band SIR TALKS A LOT ! This event will start at  12:00 p.m. and go on until 5:00 p.m. SIR TALKS A LOT will go on at 12:30 p.m. sharp.

The Jamblasters new CD Lounge Lizard’s will be put on hold while Riley and Hills work on dealing with creative blocks.

Cheers for now Hills